Sunday, June 26, 2016

Software in real estate companies

As a software consultant specialist my job is to thoroughly analyse all the software solution used by a certain company, to analise all the  procedures that are involving software and to basically evaluate -> my last job was related to analysing software in real estate companies - software solutions like

It has been a very tough week by analysing everything in what I think it is the biggest real estate company in Los Angeles, and as you already know, this place is very dynamic if we are going to talk about the way the houses, apartments and villas are getting transactioned.

So, every company that needs to have a success full online marketing department has to own a very productive suite of software, needs to have the personell trained to work properly with those software solutions, and not least, the managers should incourage all the employees to develop their IT skills.

The most problematic sectors have been:
- mail using proficiency
- excell using
- the inability of binding smartphone to computer and use a united platform

The surprise came from the real estate virtual tour creation software, that really worked great, and everyone understand how to easily use it.

This means that the virtual tour piece of software was probably the best software that they were in fact using in their company.

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